Everything You Need to Know About America in 2011 in a Single Image:

In case you hadn't heard, that right there is a new stamp from the United States Post Office. It has a photo of the Statue of Liberty, but there's a mistake there. For it's not the one that greeted immigrants coming to America in New York Harbor. Oh, no. It's the one from New York-New York casino and hotel in Las Vegas. New York-New York is owned by MGM Mirage, which is about 10% owned by Dubai World of the United Arab Emirates.

At New York-New York, you can ride past the faux, half-sized Statue of Liberty and a faux skyline on a roller coaster. Fake Lady Liberty's torch lights the way for thousands of gamblers to lose their wallets on the slots and tables. Oh, sure, there's always a few winners. But, usually, if you arrive rich, you leave rich. And if you arrive poor, you leave poor.

There you go: a postage stamp honoring reduced Liberty at a place where dreamy middle and working class people merely give their money to a big multinational corporation. It's the American dream. No wonder the word "Forever" has a line through it.

By the way, in the midst of the faux New York City is a 9/11 memorial with real artifacts from the day. You can honor the fallen before you play blackjack and eat at the buffet.