Cheney in Repose: A Poem:
(A merging of former Vice-President Dick Cheney's interview with reporters from Politico and actor Christian Bale's on-set explosion at a director of photography.)

These are evil people. And we’re not
going to win this fight by turning the other cheek.
You're unbelievable man, you're un-fucking-believable.
No, don't just be sorry, think for one fucking second.
What the fuck are you doing? Are you professional or not?
The United States needs to be not so much loved
as it needs to be respected. Sometimes,
that requires us to take actions that generate controversy.
I’m not at all sure that that’s what the Obama
administration believes. What the fuck is it with you?
What don't you fucking understand? You got any fucking idea about
the ultimate threat to the country?
A nuclear weapon or a biological agent of some kind?
That’s the one that would involve the deaths of perhaps hundreds
of thousands of people, and the one you have to spend
a hell of a lot of time guarding against. You don't fucking
understand what it's like. That's what that is.
It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The combination
of the financial crisis that started last year, coupled now with,
obviously, a major recession,
I think we’re a long way from having solved
these problems. Let's go again. Let's not take
a fucking minute; let's go again.

When we get people who are more concerned
about reading the rights to an Al Qaeda terrorist
than they are with protecting the United States against
people who are absolutely committed to do anything they can
to kill Americans, then I worry. Somebody should be fucking
watching and keeping an eye on him. I'm fucking serious.
You're a nice guy. You're a nice guy, but that don't fucking cut it
when you're bullshitting and fucking around like this.
If you release the hard-core Al Qaeda terrorists that are
held at Guantanamo, I think they go back into
the business of trying to kill more Americans and
mount further mass-casualty attacks. I'm not asking you,
I'm telling you. You wouldn't have done that otherwise.
If you turn ’em loose and they go kill more
Americans, who’s responsible for that?
Gimme a fucking answer. What don't you get about it?
Fuck's sake, man, you're amateur.
I think there’s a high probability of such an attempt.
Whether or not they can pull it off depends
whether or not we keep in place policies that have
allowed us to defeat all further attempts,
since 9/11,
to launch mass-casualty attacks against the United
States. Well, somebody's should be watching him
and keeping an eye on him. He doesn't give a fuck
about what is going on.

I'm gonna fucking kick your fucking ass
if you don't shut up for a second, alright?
If it hadn’t been for what we did, with respect to
the terrorist surveillance program, or enhanced
interrogation techniques for high-value detainees,
the Patriot Act, and so forth
then we would have been
attacked again. What is he doing
there? Do you understand?

You've got something to say to this prick?
Seriously man, you and me, we're fucking done.
Fucking ass.

I think there are some who probably
actually believe that if we just go talk
nice to these folks, everything’s going to be
okay. Do you want me to fucking trash them?
Those policies we put in place,
in my opinion,
were absolutely crucial to getting us through
the last seven-plus years without a major-casualty
attack on the U.S.
And how was it?
I hope it was fucking good,
because it's useless now,
isn't it?