Cartoons That Make the Rude Pundit Want Rupert Murdoch to Get His Face Chewed Off:

This is from today's New York Post (motto: "All the news that's fit to wipe a hobo's ass with"). Now, you can do the justify dance by saying that the upshot of the "joke" is that the cartoonist was saying that the stimulus bill was written by a marauding chimp. But, really, and c'mon, "stimulus bill" is to President Obama what hate is to the Post. You can't separate them.

So you wanna deny that this is easily read as a racist joke about shooting Obama? (And let's not even get into the other implications about cops and African Americans.)

Note on the truly horrible chimp story: The Rude Pundit has a simple rule of pet ownership: Never keep an animal that you can't kill with your bare hands.