Regarding Ann Coulter's Wired-Shut Jaw:
"Whoa, there, Ann, slow down. You're gonna break something," the Rude Pundit told Coulter as she gobbled cock with all the vigor of a drowning plague rat attempting to climb the slime-covered slabs that once ran along the sewers of Paris. No, no, the Rude Pundit wasn't getting blown by Coulter, but he was jacking off while Coulter went down on the Arab engineer in the studio where she was recording the audio for her new "book."

Unfortunately, Tamam was cursed with an enormous pair of balls, and, when Coulter went for the whole scrotum/cock package in one mouthful, well, she'd've had to have been boa constrictor to get her jaw that wide. The cracking sound was awful. Tamam would've screamed if he wasn't laughing so hard. Coulter said something that sounded like "Throw me down the stairs," and, thinking she wanted to cover the whole thing up, the Rude Pundit was happy to oblige.

Although, upon discussion, the Rude Pundit and Tamam thought she could have also been saying, "Come in my ears." He nodded at the engineer, who shrugged and headed to the stairwell.