A Word on the Obama/Clinton Divide:
The next time someone wants to bitch about the "venom" coming from supporters of Barack Obama, like, say, in the pages of the New York Times, point them in the direction of Taylor Marsh's blog over on Huffington Post (or her own page, which, fuck it, the Rude Pundit doesn't feel like linking to now). Marsh attacks Obama and his supporters with such hatred that you wonder if she'll bivouac on a remote island if her Hillary-goddess doesn't get the nomination.

Obama's cribbing of a few lines of speech from Deval Patrick is a legitimate story. It has been legitimately brought up and legitimately dealt with by Obama and Patrick. Fuck, it's good that Clinton, in her desperate attempt to keep her campaign relevant, made noise about it because, if Obama's the nominee, it'll be a story that's over and done with (one hopes).

Marsh goes positively nutzoid, leaping up and down like someone who walked in on Dick Cheney fucking a barrel of oil, screeching, "Ah, ha, told you so." She calls Obama a "con" and "huckster" whose supporters are "suckers." The Rude Pundit normally agrees with Marsh. He's sported intellectual wood for her on many occasions and will again. But, really, and, c'mon, at some point, what the fuck? And that goes for Hillary-hatas, also. Don't do the right's job for them.

The Rude Pundit ain't supportin' Clinton for the nomination. He thinks that Clinton's a divisive figure, damaged goods, through little fault of her own, that she's surrounded herself with craven idiots who have no read of the political zeitgeist, and that her campaign is in a death spiral. Those are attacks on her candidacy and campaign. He's said that Clinton creeps him out personally and he doesn't trust her with power. He's called her "Robo-Clinton" because of her delivery style at speeches. That's the worst. But the Rude Pundit has a line, especially when it comes to Clinton's followers, that he won't cross. Why? Because at some point, he might have to support her. And he doesn't wanna seem like a scum-sucking hypocrite. Besides, there's so much scorn and contempt to be heaped upon Republicans.

And, of course, we should be going after the mainstream media for their endless attacks on Clinton and, to a lesser extent, Obamamania.

Passion in politics is goddamned great. It's like that awesome kind of sex where you don't know if you're fucking or fighting but either way it feels incredible. But you don't wanna slam your fuck partner around so hard that you break his or her limbs or rupture something inside. 'Cause otherwise, how are you gonna fuck again?

No, this ain't about holding hands and singin' fuckin' campfire songs or acting like polite pussies. Let the campaigns go at each other. Let us go at each other: Clinton's craven votes for the war are fair game for the nastiest kinds of rhetoric. Fears over Obama's seeming lack of experience are the kinds of things that oughta be aired now. But at some point here, we're all gonna have to play ball together at Democrat Park. Let's not make it so the field is ripped up.