In Brief: Is It Real or Is It Parody?:
A quote: "As previously stated, glamorizing and normalizing homosexual conduct in our public schools is a full time endeavor. But the schools represent only one field of battle in the war over America’s body, mind and soul.

"With the aid of a willing mainstream media and a like-minded Hollywood, societal desensitization has been largely achieved. Blockbusters like Tom Hanks’ Philadelphia, the late Heath Ledger’s Brokeback Mountain, and television programs like Will and Grace and Ellen represent a modern-day fairy tale, creating a dishonest and sympathetic portrayal of a lifestyle which is emotionally, spiritually and physically sterile."

It's real. It's called "Unmasking the 'Gay' Agenda." It's by Matt Barber of the Concerned Women for America (make your own joke).

All the Rude Pundit can say is: "'Fairy tale'? Is that the best you could come up with, Mary?" And the film Philadelphia may represent many things, but neither that film, about a man dying of AIDS, nor Brokeback Mountain, about repressed love and desire, would ever be mistaken for Cinderella.

Read the whole "column" (if by "column," you mean, "a gargantuan, gooey ejaculation of fear masking one man's latent homoerotic desire that'd make Michel Foucault say, 'Dude, repress a little.'" Seriously, Barber talks more about gays and lesbians than the head of the HRC. In other words, what we're sayin' here is he seems to like the cock). It's hilarious, sad, and sooo 1993.

Note Regarding Previously-Made Promises: Yeah, yeah, Hillary Clinton tomorrow.