In Brief: Why Jonah Goldberg Ought to Be Forced to Bathe His Mother:
Because in his latest "column" (if by "column," you mean, "the dribbled ejaculate from the half-erect cock of a guilty school boy desperately masturbating to Internet photos of disemboweled, raped Iraqi women"), Goldberg goes above and beyond to try to taint Barack Obama by his association with a former Weather Underground member in Chicago. Goldberg writes, "I don't think such associations should cost people their careers or place in polite society. But shouldn't this baggage cost something?" (emphasis Goldberg's, 'cause he ain't in the room to yell this at you).

The whole exhausting exercise is an effort to tar all liberals with the actions of the most radically left. It's the rhetorical equivalent of making no distinction between KKK members and, say, John McCain. Goldberg is so pathetic, trying to sell copies of his specious little book, twying so vewy hawd to wive up to Limbaughs and Coulters that he even tosses in a lie about a Che Guevera flag at an Obama campaign headquarters.

Besides, do we even wanna start talking about the number of "reformed" criminals that are welcomed back into the Republican fold? Oh, right, that'd be because they weren't the radicals - those perps, like Elliot Abrams, G. Gordon Liddy, and others, were the Republican mainstream.