Blogroll Amnesty Day Links:
The Rude Pundit's not really sure he fully understands Blogroll Amnesty Day, but he loves him some Skippy, who, along with Jon Swift, asked him to participate. So here's five less-trafficked sites o' bloggery that the Rude Pundit reads on a semi-regular basis who deserve a little more notice in the big, bad, Darwinian Internet:

I Can't Believe It's Not a Democracy - A good ol' fashioned lefty blog

2 Millionth Weblog
- Righteous anger from Louisiana

Metroblogging New Orleans
- Sad, pissed-off, celebratory, here before Katrina, essential after

Girly Shoes - Yeah, it ain't always politics, but Miz Shoes has been around since 2002, and attention ought to be paid

And Corrente - one of those blogs that the Rude Pundit's always meant to add to the roll o' infamy

Hey, that was kind of fun, like a really good sorbet between courses or the delicious moment between the second and third fucks of the evening. Maybe we'll try this a bit more around the joint.