In Brief: Obama Won (Updated):
Even before the latest presumptive count of states and delegates came in, it was pretty damn clear that Barack Obama won last night. It wasn't even close, despite the close numbers. Remember: just a month ago, Clinton was up by ten to twenty points nationally. For last night to have been anything less than a Clinton blow-out means she lost. For her to have to keep fighting at this point means she lost. And for it to have been, more or less, a tie (with Obama winning slightly more delegates and lots more states), well, that means Clinton lost big time.

Sure, we could go over figures and demographics, and others will, but, at the end of the day, Obama was not supposed to be this strong at this point. Political campaigns are built on narratives. There is a simple story that needs to connect with the voters. Obama's narrative has more or less stayed on track since his campaign started. Clinton's has veered this way and that way, like some exquisite corpse constructed at Bedlam. It was supposed to be easy for her: presumptive leader leads into the convention. Now that she has had to change her narrative time and again means she is losing. And Obama is winning.

And the rudest thing that this blog can say today is this: Clinton needs to think of a classy exit strategy before this election not only rips apart the party for now, and for the future. More on that later.

Update: Politico says most of the same shit as the Rude Pundit.

(Good liberal caveat: Unlike the nutzoid Republicans who are flipping out over McCain, if Clinton does manage to become the nominee, this blog will support her like control top panty hose. Besides, either way, beating up on McCain's gonna be fun.)