The Saudi Arabian Justice System Sucks Pig Cock:
Here's the Saudi Justice Ministry's reasoning for a female gang-rape victim being sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in prison for "illegal mingling": "[A]nyone has a right to appeal verdicts, but [the ministry] also warned of 'stirring up agitation through the media that may not be objective and cannot grant anyone any right as much as it can negatively affect the other parties involved in the case.'" You know, if you can't stir up agitation over a woman and man who were gang raped and then punished by a court because they were unmarried and met with each other before being gang raped, then there's not much to stir up trouble about at all.

You know how the Bush administration occasionally tells us how wonderful they are because they freed the women of Afghanistan from the Taliban (even though that's about as much of a chimera as democracy in Pakistan)? Where's Laura Bush now? Where's the White House at all?

In a proud final moment for America and for women before stepping down as Homeland Security Adviser, stooge Bushette Frances Townshend told CNN, "[T]he case is absolutely reprehensible. I mean and so let's put that aside. What I've praised the Saudis for is their counter-terrorism cooperation, where it is unprecedented, and we share information that's helped us stopped attacks. This case is separate and apart from that. And I just don't think there's any explaining it or justifying it."

Step up to the pig, Fran, and suck away.