America Hearts Savage Saudi Arabia - Is It the Oil or Their Startling Good Looks?:
A sure sign of corruption at the heart of any ideology is the easy willingness to dive into the slime pool of hypocrisy. For instance, let's say that you're a closeted gay guy who tells himself as long as you get your cock sucked by dudes but do no sucking yourself, you can look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you're straight. It's a lie, to be sure, but it's a lie you can live with and live by, especially and as long as your wife and children don't find out or call you on it. But one night, after a few drinks and a line or two, you end up in a Bushwick apartment with some bald hipster dude balls deep in your face. As you bob on that boner, the hipster's leather pork pie hat on your head, you may tell yourself that it was just the whiskey and coke that made you do this. But if you like it? And you're good at it, as if it's some preternatural peter piping ability? And, aw, shit, it feels so good to get a hot load blown into the back of your throat? Then, dear friend, 'tis time to throw open the closet door and stop wrecking your life and the lives of those around you. Chances are, though, you'll just go on with your lie, making it expand so that those near you cling to it like a rubber life raft in a cold Antarctic sea.

Apparently, when it comes to Saudi Arabia, the Bush administration's filled with cultural relativists of the most extreme kind. The administration is refusing to condemn Saudi Arabia for the barbaric punishment of 200 lashes and imprisonment for a female gang rape victim because, as the Saudia more or less put it, she was asking for it when she was alone with a man.

Witness the delicious weaselliness of State Department spokestool Sean McCormack, answering a question about the case from a reporter at a daily press briefing: "We think it's essential that every individual enjoy basic universal rights that we believe every person on the planet should enjoy, and those include freedom of expression, freedom to choose freely one's leaders. The Saudi Government has committed itself to a pathway of reform, as have other states in the region. That pathway of reform is going to -- each of those states is going to go down that pathway at its own pace, though...Look, you have a situation that I think most individuals, for example in our country, just don't understand. We don't understand how something like this could happen. That said, these kinds of decisions are going to have to be decisions that the people of that country, in this case Saudi Arabia, are going to have to take for themselves. We can express our views about that, but ultimately it's going to be up to the individual countries to decide whether or not they are going to take into account the views from the outside world."

McCormack said something about how "We have expressed our astonishment at such a sentence." But when he was asked if that astonishment has been expressed directly to the Saudis, well, shit, at least he was honest: " I am not aware of any direct contact with the Saudis on this issue." That's right. No contact with the Saudis. It's just their judicial processes at work and boy, oh, boy, we hope they reform, like we waited for the Taliban to... oh, wait...like we wanted Saddam Hussein to...no, no, that's not right. Man, oil apparently is some kind of drug that eliminates conscience, consistency, and coherence, and forces you to bend over and open your anus to the Arabian pump like so many Hummer fuel tanks.

For extra special fun, here's an editorial from the Arab News this month on the "Dangerous Concept of Spinsterhood," which essentially tells women to get off their high horses and marry whatever dude comes along: "Some women reject the idea of marriage, worried about freedom regardless of her awaited knight. Tension occurs and the woman becomes confused and shattered...When a woman’s only concern is her freedom and not being limited by responsibilities, she will never know what true comfort, ambition, life and family interaction means." Awesome bedfellows.

Add to that the surge in beheadings - 136 this year so far, up from 83 in 2005. By the hair on Muhammed's nutsack, when's the last time the United States condemned anything from these savage fuckers? How many lies about human rights do we have to be told by the President and his lackeys before we realize how anti-human they are?

Maybe Condoleezza Rice can ask the Saudi foreign minister about it all in Annapolis week. But since his hands will be lubricated with high-priced crude, chances are she'll just lift her skirt and let him fist away.