A Photo Essay on How One Should Behave During War, as Demonstrated by George W. Bush:
"Given the nature of the enemy and the words of its leaders, politicians who deny that we are at war are either being disingenuous or naive. Either way, it is dangerous for our country. We are at war -- and we cannot win this war by wishing it away or pretending it does not exist. Unfortunately, on too many issues, some in Congress are behaving as if America is not at war" -- President George W. Bush to the Heritage Foundation, November 1, 2007.

President Bush on October 20, 2007:

He's bass fishing, to feed the troops, no doubt, with an ESPN host.

President Bush on September 21, 2007:

That's the University of Minnesota Golden Gopher Wrestling Team. They won an NCAA championship. Maybe some of them are going to war.

President Bush on July 15, 2007:

He's watching t-ball and holding up Jackie Robinson's number. Bet the soldiers in Iraq had the day off, too.

Note to Democrats: when some little boy double dog dares you to step across this line, sometimes you gotta just take a giant goddamn leap right into his puny face.