Nutzoid Right-Wing Warmonger Says, "Okay, Let's Cut and Run":
Alan Caruba is a crazed hack PR man for nutzoid conservatives. He has helped foster the language and promotion of the pro-human extinction right, the ones who are global warming deniers. He writes a column for that mouthpiece of feces tossing crazies, Human Events. He also has a blog that is a repository for his columns and other "thoughts" (if by "thoughts," you mean, "post-ejaculation dribbles from the tiny flaccid cock of a stooge who's wasted away his short, meaningless life"). And he mongered war in Iraq (and Iran) with an intensity that would make Genghis Khan say, "Whoa, there, buddy."

Yet in his most recent Human Events chunk-blow, "Time to Leave," Caruba writes, "I wonder how many more of our soldiers will die in Iraq while President George W. Bush tries to find a way to leave as events in that nation and the Middle East conspire against him. There is no good way. There is only leaving."

Alas, sweet warrior. It was almost one year ago that Caruba wrote of Howard Dean's comment that "The idea that we're going to win this war is an idea that unfortunately is just plain wrong" was worthy of consideration as sedition. After giving the law on sedition and quoting noted legal scholar Ken Mehlman, Caruba hocked up this loogie of logic: "It is unlikely that Howard Dean will be indicted for sedition. It is unlikely that those who oppose military recruiters in schools and on the campuses of our nation's universities and colleges will be indicted for sedition. I suggest, however, based on my reading of the law, that these are, in fact, willful acts of sedition at a time when our military is tasked with the defense of Iraq as it transitions from a dictatorship to a democracy."

It's awfully goddamned nice that Caruba now feels free to join the ranks of the cut-and-run left (hey, why not re-brand that the "leave-and-live left"?), with statements like, "If we could recover from the devastating homeland attack of September 11, 2001, we can do so by swiftly, but deliberately departing Iraq" or "It is the needless sacrifice of young men and women in uniform for the notion that America cannot recover from leaving." Hey, welcome back to the real world, motherfucker. It's far better than writing, as he did in 2004, "The war against Iraq is just a down payment on a secure future."

But, you know, fuck him and everyone else who now so bravely declares that the war is lost or that it's time to leave or that Bush is nuts. Because it's not just that so many of us were right 3000 American lives ago - it's that all those conservative tools dared call us traitors and fools for being right.