Sayid or Aziz? Who Can Tell?:
Hey, Media Matters or Crooks and Liars, someone's gotta have the Tivo of this: on CNN's American Morning, around 6:40 (the Rude Pundit thinks), when Soledad's caffeine's kicked in and she smilin' that MILF smile just for you, Miles gave a brief mention of former foreign minister Tariq Aziz testifying at the "trial" of Saddam Hussein. Problem was, the video CNN showed, with words like "Aziz To Testify" under it, was of the Iraqi character of Sayid on ABC's Lost, pointing a gun at a white island dweller and looking all sweaty and nervous.

Problem is, of course, there was no teaser or mention of anything about Lost in the rest of the hour, at least. Symbolism? Confusion? Racism?

More, not on this, later.