Right Wing Blogs Hate Our Troops:
It needs to be said, and, on this, our fourth Memorial Day with soldiers in Iraq (and the increasingly fucked up Afghanistan), there's no better time: all the good and loyal writers over the borderline in Right Blogsylvania hate the troops of the United States. It is the only logical conclusion, if you believe that the war is a mistake of such gigantic proportion that one day underground monuments will be built as a way of burying the disgrace brought on this nation by those who planned and encouraged this debacle. Yeah, it'll be like an iceberg, with just the top of it visible aboveground where the individual dead soldiers can be listed, but below will be the largest part, to represent the magnitude of the treachery done to America by its "leaders." When do we reach the tipping point where support of the Iraq War simply means you wish death upon more and more American soldiers? Or are we already there?

So, when Michelle Malkin makes her solemn tribute to war dead, saying "Freedom is not free," she could just as well say, "I don't care who dies so my verson of imposed 'liberty' can be shoved into any place I decide needs it."

Or when the wee lads over at Powerline post a heartwarming letter offering books to a Minnesota National Guard troop stationed in Iraq, the boys may as well add, "If you don't get killed to assure that our manic vision of democracy is enforced, but if you do, well, at least you had some fine reading material in your last days. Thanks for your one weekend a month and two weeks a year."

So it goes, at yer Captain's Quarters, and all the rest. Tributes subtle and obvious, all caluculated to say that they care. When they don't. All they care about is proving that their lost cause is not a lost cause. No matter if it's 2400 dead, 24,000, or 240,000. So much more fodder for their Memorial Day posts for 2007, 2008...