Seeking Permission To Speak From the Right:
So, like, tell us, Fox "News," if we're running a gulag, is it okay to call it a "gulag"? 'Cause, sure, maybe Gitmo ain't exactly a "gulag," but the former gulags in Eastern Europe where the CIA is "interrogating" al-Qaeda "operatives"? Those would be, um, gulags. If Dick Durbin dares to call these hidden prisons "gulags" on the floor of the Senate, Bill O'Reilly, would he be forced to apologize?

Since ninety senators believe that the United States should abide by the Army Code of Conduct and the Geneva Conventions in regard to the treatment of prisoners, is it alright, Michelle Malkin, if we say that it's more than crazy leftists and the ACLU that opposes torture? And since Bush administration members are fighting among themselves about torture policy and military tribunals at Gitmo, do you mind, Ann Coulter, if we talk about torture in a way that's about torture and not about who is calling something "torture"? Can we ask, Jonah Goldberg, why we need such secret and closed detention facilities without it being perceived as merely a liberal attack on the good intentions of the U.S. government?

And since Dick Cheney and others are asking that the CIA be specifically allowed to torture prisoners, oh, good men and true over at Powerline, can we drop the line that the President wants prisoners treated humanely?

Of course we can't. Because, as on so many issues, the barbaric cocks and cunts of the right desperately have to cling to the bugaboo of liberal ill-intentions for, if they believe otherwise, if they have to argue on an issue instead of merely intoning the words "liberal" or "secular" in lieu of a response, if they have to actually own up to the fact that America is now, to most of the world, no better than a third-rate Latin American dictatorship when it comes to treatment of prisoners, they'll be forced to eat a meal of their own shit.