A Brief Look At How We Got To Where We Are In the Debate About Iraq:
Let us say, and why not, that you're a gay guy, and you've just started dating another dude. Call him "Jake" (if you want to be au courant, you can call yourself "Heath"). You've gone out for a couple of nights: dancin' with friends, dinner with just the two of you. And Jake, who's just fuckin' ripped and looks like he's got a package marked "Special Delivery," has told you on several occasions about how great a cock he has. But you, man, you're playin' a little hard to get, havin' been burned before on the hot cock with no balls behind it. Still and all, you end up back at your place, and Jake asks you, "Would you like to see my cock?" You question the meaning of that sentence, being coy. Jake says, "If you see my cock, we're gonna wanna do something with it." You agree. Yes, let's see this cock.

And so Jake unzips and takes out his cock. And it's a pretty magnificent cock - an impressive show of shape, girth, and length. Jake says, "Is my cock not splendiferous?" Yes, you say, it is. "Now that you've seen my cock, can we agree that we're going to do something with it?" Oh, most certainly, you say. And there you are: Jake's got his cock out and you both know that with his cock on display, well, there's a whole smorgasbord of possibilities of what you can do with Jake's cock. When you tell Jake you'd like to take a closer look, Jake says, "Okay, but it's a cock. What else do you need to know?" And you're thinking about the things you'd like to do with that cock: you're thinking about moving cautiously - perhaps fondling the cock for a while, cupping Jake's shaved balls (which have popped out with the cock), maybe then move on to putting the tip of the shaft in your mouth, gently before pulling it in deeply, to the back of your throat. Yes, there's paths that can allow you comfort with Jake's cock and that'll surely accomplish what Jake wants, which is sweet semen release.

But Jake's got other ideas. He takes you and forces you face down on your futon, yanking your D&G jeans to your ankles, pulling your boxer briefs with it. Then Jake slams that cock again and again into your asshole until you can receive it all. You're confused at first, as your head bounces precipitously close to the arm of the futon frame. Sure, you're down with the ass fucking, but no, this isn't what you wanted now. You weren't ready. You thought you could both agree on the terms of what was good cock usage and the timing of it. You tell Jake to stop. Jake says he's not gonna. You tell him again to stop. Jake says he ain't stoppin' until he's done.

You try to fight Jake off you, but those pecs just ain't for show, and Jake holds you down, telling you that you agreed that you'd both do something with his cock and you'll leave him all blue balled if he stops now. No, you shout, that didn't mean you gave him the authority to fuck you in the ass, that he's raping you. "Bullshit," Jake says, "And it's reprehensible to accuse me of raping you now" as he thrusts even harder. No, you insist, it's rape. "Look," says Jake, "we can argue about whether or not I'm raping you or not but the fact of the matter is, I'm gonna keep fuckin' you, so why don't you stop whining and enjoy it." Jake won't stop raping you 'cause as far as Jake's concerned, you gave him a blank check, and he's cashin' that motherfucker large. You, on the other hand, can't take back what you've already said, but you can sure as shit say it was a mistake to say it and that Jake got it wrong. The question is simply what's it gonna take for Jake to listen.

When Donald Rumsfeld says of leaving Iraq, "[T]he important question is ask yourself what the world would look like if we pulled out precipitously," when Dick Cheney says, "Some of the most irresponsible comments have come from politicians who actually voted in favor of authorizing the use of force against Saddam Hussein," when George Bush says of Iraq, "[L]eaving prematurely will have terrible consequences, for our own security and for the Iraqi people. And that's not going to happen so long as I'm the President," what they're really saying is that they're gonna go on with the rape, of America, of Iraq, as long as they goddamn well please and you pussies can do fuck-all to stop them.