Fanning the Flames of Gannon/Guckert:
The weekend is approaching, and, with it, the potential end of the news life of the Gannon/Guckert debacle. Yes, Left Blogsylvania is trying to keep it alive and demanding answers, but if the story stays confined to LB (with some dribblings to the rest of the media and DC), it's lost. Yesterday, the Rude Pundit proposed a strategy to get the story hotter: co-opt the moralists of the right, primarily the Christian fundamentalist community, through their blogs and websites. Write letters and comments where we disguise ourselves as goodly, godly Republicans who are just oh-so-disgusted to bursting.

Today, the Rude Pundit gives a list of potential recipients of your "moral outrage" over the noted top-for-hire with the cut penis, James Guckert, finding his way into the White House. By the way, if you're uncomfortable pretending over the gay angle, why, then use the prostitute angle for your anger - it's twice the sin for half the price. Rather than just target Fox "News," send e-mails and/or post comments to some of these sites and blogs, where the rumbles of the rabble can reach a maximum density quickly. The idea here is that you, as a mole, a fly in the ointment, a ghost in the machine, will infiltrate and cause others, the real fundies and wingnuts, to respond in kind. These are not links - you'll have to copy-and-paste the addresses so it's not traceable back to, like, this post telling you where to go. And, you know, this is just a starting point:

http://www.hughhewitt.com (requires a strong stomach)
http://www.crosswalk.com/news/weblogs/kmc/ (Kevin McCullough's blog)
http://www.captainsquartersblog.com/mt/ (Captain's Quarters)
http://www.evangelicaloutpost.com/ (Evangelical Outpost)
http://www.beliefnet.com/story/145/story_14545_1.html (Loose Cannon at Beliefnet - requires free registration, but lots of comments here)
http://christdot.org/ (Really kind of self-explanatory)
http://www.blogs4god.com/linker/index.php (a listing of lots of other Christian blogs)

And like any good whore knows, while giving a blow job, don't neglect the balls: Letters to the editors of your local papers are intensely encouraged, as well as posts to their websites. Plus, don't neglect your Focus on the Family and your Moral Majority and others.

Remember: this ain't about Gannyguck. Who the fuck cares about some sell out, self-hating homosexual who shilled for the Bush administration? This is about Negroponte, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush. This is about torture and the dismantling of the New Deal. And, let's face it and embrace it - it's about payback, bitch, and fucking with people who have fucked us over so egregiously.

And remember the other potential payoff: if the Christian Right fails to get up in arms about this, it demonstrates a failure of their leadership and the sweet decaying smell of hypocrisy in their morality.

Thanks to all of you who have written so far. Send your reports and any responses you receive (especially if a letter of yours shows up on O'Reilly or somewhere) to: rudepundit@yahoo.com.

Back later this afternoon with rudeness on Rumsfeld.