Faggotry at Focus on the Family:
James Dobson's Focus on the Family is a hotbed of faggotry. It promotes same sex fucking so intensely it may as well be called "Focus on Fisting." Oh, you may say you don't see it, but that's because Dobson's a clever faggot - he hides it beneath the veneer of "Christian kindness."

Here, from Dr. Dobson's magazine, in the section on "Christian Living," is a hot bit promoting girl on girl action. Titled "What Women Need," the author, Andrea Vinley Jewell, apparently finds fulfillment in hot lesbian fucking: "I longed for women I could laugh with, take a break with and play games with." Started by famous girl's school student Lisa Whelchel, who previously was seen on that clit-licking fest known as Facts of Life, the "MomTime" group encourages a vast array of dyke-related "games" for dissatisfied, closeted wives: "I had to go outside our marriage to find game partners," says Whelchel. "It grew to once a week, including lunch. After that, it was more than just the games." Yes, Whelchel and the other moms engage in regular sessions of game-playing, which one presumes involves ben-wah balls strategically rotated inside anuses; strap-on dildos fellated and then inserted into pre-lubed vaginas, thrusted until exuberant, screaming, squirting orgasm is achieved; and good, old fashioned rubbin' the nubbin. Whelchel says she's exhausted after these meet-and-eat dates, but oh, what fun: "It’s like the old pressure cooker thing. Touch any little tense spot, and you’re ready to release."

Sure, Dobson's organization couches this rampant, hot lesbianism in terms of traditional marriage, that such relationships make marriages stronger because, one presumes, the effort for a man bringing his wife to orgasm is much less tension-causing. See, if she doesn't come while her husband's in her for his typical three seconds, she always has MomTime. It's why Dobson titles an advice cassette "Why Women Need Women." Why? For good fucking.

But Dobson's homosexual carnality doesn't just stop with the image of him jackin' it to a daisy chain of "Christian" moms lappin' each other out like the whores of the Lollipop Guild. Male homosexuality is promoted from childhood forward. In Boundless, another Focus on the Family magazine, a gay porn writer named, stereotypically enough, "John Thomas," writes about his sexperiences at summer camp. Apparently, the counselors took quite a liking to young John Thomas. The "staffers," as John Thomas calls them, took the 12 year-old under their wing and "showed me what manhood means." John Thomas was quite the favorite fuck toy of the staffers: "[A]t the end of the day, they came to my bunk, closed their eyes and thanked God for me." Describing an obvious orgy after John Thomas himself became a staffer, he writes, "They're coming from every corner. They're coming in their new summer shorts and white tennis shoes and shirts and ball caps." One should pity the poor laundry detail.

Sure, sure, Dobson can attempt to keep up his cover with Focus on the Family featuring many articles such as "How To Prevent Homosexuality," but, c'mon, anyone who reads that knows it's bullshit. You can prevent your son from becoming queer by hugging him more? Yeah, right.

One only has to look closely and one can find the latent gay love so prominent throughout Dobson's empire. It doesn't take a genius to see what the real agenda of Focus on the Family is: a call to embrace one's innate homosexuality, to promote faggotry and dykery, and to offer solace to those who want to break free of the horror of heterosexual monogamy. Shouldn't we all be concerned?