The Quickest, Easiest Ad Against Republicans, Written by Republicans:
Oh, this is funny. Check this out from the House Budget Committee website's own FAQ page on the Paul Ryan budget, which is part of "Setting the Record Straight" on the Ryan Medicare plan. Read this whole thing, and see if you notice the punchline:

"Q: Does this budget reinstate the so-called Medicare 'donut hole'?

"A: This budget repeals the Democrats' health-care law, including provisions that increase prescription-drug prices for everyone. In fact, the CBO confirmed that the law’s new requirements will drive up health-care costs, at odds with claims made by its proponents. In a letter to Chairman Ryan last fall, CBO stated that '[The] increase in prices would make federal costs for Medicare’s drug benefit and the costs faced by some beneficiaries higher than they would be in the absence of those provisions,' and that 'the premiums of drug plans will increase along with the increase in net drug prices, so the premiums paid by beneficiaries will increase slightly.' Like the rest of this costly new entitlement, provisions that increase prescription-drug prices should be repealed.

"The real threat to seniors’ health care is the fact that Medicare is going bankrupt. The current trajectory of government spending on health care is unsustainable. Without changes, according to the CBO, the Medicare program collapses in 2021. Comparing any plan to save Medicare with the status quo means comparing real solutions to a false reality. This budget protects Medicare for current seniors by averting any disruptions and saves the program for future generations by providing a personalized Medicare program – like the one members of Congress enjoy – with more support for low-income beneficiaries and those with higher health costs and reduced subsidies for high-income beneficiaries."

Okay, to review: The question is (and, remember, this is Republicans asking what is a "Frequently-Asked Question") about whether or not the Ryan plan will reinstate the prescription drug "donut hole." That'd be the part of the Bush administration's Medicare prescription drug plan that forced senior citizens who reached $2840 in drug costs to cover the full amount for up to nearly $3000. That was changed by President Obama and the Democrats' recent health care reform law, with rebates and discounts built in, heading towards a full phase-out of the donut hole in 2020. Any change to the health care law would mean a change in the donut hole filling.

So it's a legitimate question, no? And what do Republicans answer?

Well, they don't. All they say is that they want to get rid of the health care reform law and put in their plan without actually addressing the question. They asked a "yes" or "no" question of themselves that they are refusing to answer. Which really means, "Yes. Yes, it does reinstate the donut hole. And we're not sorry about it. You like dog food, don't you, granny?"

Again, and this can't be emphasized enough: This is part of the GOP-run House Budget Committee's own website, under "Setting the Record Straight." This is not a Democratic talking point. This is not a marching order from Rachel Maddow. This is what House Republicans are saying about the plan.

So you guys have fun running on forcing the elderly to pay more for drugs again and not telling the truth about it.

(Creepy-ass bonus points: Why does the home page of the House Budget Committee have Paul Ryan making rape-eyes at us on the top banner?)