Michael Steele Ain't Frontin':
In an interview with the Washington Times, Republican National Committee Chair and genial race traitor Michael Steele promised to reinvigorate his party with an "off the hook" re-branding strategy: "We want to convey that the modern-day GOP looks like the conservative party that stands on principles. But we want to apply them to urban-surburban hip-hop settings." So to see where the hip-hop community might stand on the issues, the Rude Pundit turned to the Billboard Top Rap Albums Chart to see where potentially conservative hippers and hoppers might stand.

According to T.I., in his song, "My Life, Your Entertainment,"
"When alone I ask myself, is it worth it? I ain't perfect
Neither is anybody else, but I think my kids deserve
To be with Daddy out in public without all the interruptions."
Steele would do well to tap into this desire of T.I.'s to be able to live his life and raise his children without interference, be it from governmental programs funded by Obama's stimulus or "the paparazzi crowded all around me now," which is not to mention the "Same niggas who was dissin' want a pound." Oh, wait, that might be Steele and the RNC.

Besides, in Porn Star, I. reveals he's more of a libertarian than a cultural conservative:
"We can ride out, back to my house
I wanna see you satisfied inside out
Once I'm in you ain't gonna want me to slide out
You tell your girlfriends they gonna wanna try it out
A lil more of this will loosen you up
What we can't do in the club, we can do in the truck."

And Steele might want to avoid Young Jeezy, whose top-selling album The Recession includes "My President," and this from "Crazy World":
"Light bill, phone bill, plus my granny nerve pills
Feel like I should be takin' 'em, imagine how my nerves feel
I want a new Bentley, my aunty need a kidney
And if I let her pass her children never will forgive me
God damn another trap, I think Bush trying to punish us
Send a little message out to each and every one of us
Real G shit, well that's really unheard of
When you get more time for selling dope than murder."

You get the idea. It's Friday. The Rude Pundit's not gonna browbeat you with the dozens and dozens of lines he could quote here. Instead, let's just say this: Does Michael Steele think his fellow African Americans are idiots? That their memories are so short?

But, hell, Steele certainly knows his work is cut out for him when he says that "we need to uptick our image with everyone, including one-armed midgets." Now that's off the hook...um...dawg.