Support a Rude Pundit Guest Blogger:
It may be sexist or some such shit, but the Rude Pundit gets like Russell Crowe in L.A. Confidential when he hears about some scumfucker guy pummeling his wife or girlfriend.

The good and righteous JC Christian over at Jesus' General has put out the word about a Rude Pundit guest blogger from this summer, Egalia at Tennessee Guerilla Women. Seems Egalia's daughter was beaten by her ex-boyfriend in one of the Rude Pundit's red state stomping grounds, Nashville, and Egalia was gutsy enough to post photos to shove that reality at you.

So the Rude Pundit seconds the General and says to get your ass over to TGW and either give a tip to Egalia during this fucked up time by clicking on her PayPal link or by donating in your own and/or Egalia's name to the YWCA of Nashville.

Out here in Left Blogsylvania, let's show that we do, indeed, give a shit about our own.