It's Marriage Protection Week-- Smack a Gay Couple for Jesus:
Christ alfuckingmighty, the economy's in the shitter, soldiers are being blown up in Iraq, and the administration is filled with thugs and criminals who will sell out national security in a pissing contest, but, shit, and why not, Bush has declared this week Marriage Protection Week 2003. And, in case you don't get it, faglover, Bush lays it out for you clearly: "Marriage is a union between a man and a woman." And then he says he's proposing initiatives to give parents better skills. Like the skills, say, to raise a pair of underage drinkers (now adult potsmoking alcoholics) or doped out, rehab-hopping outlaws? And Bush also promotes faith-based programs in his declaration. I mean, isn't this one of those things that this country is supposed to be against? When Ben Franklin, that whore fucker, and Thomas Jefferson, that slave fucker, were founding the country, do you think they gave a good goddamn about government supporting marriage? Let's get this right: marriage is a religious matter and a financial matter. If it needs protecting, it's from homophobic zealots who'd rather drive their children to run screaming into hardcore drugs, mad fucking sprees, and despair because their parents would rather forcefeed them Jesus' words rather than actually listen to the kids. But, hell, let's pat ourselves on the back and thank Bush, Christ, whoever, that we're saving marriage by making it an exclusive club - no queers allowed. Now everyone close your eyes and celebrate.