Haiku Review of 2018, Part 3: Haiku and Change

Away we go. Another batch of fresh and tasty haiku to kiss this motherfucker of a year farewell. Thanks to everyone who submitted, from near and far, from sea to polluted sea. Over 100 haiku were submitted, filled with righteous rage and orgasmic catharsis. Here are ones that touched me in all the bad places:

From Sammy in Minnesota:

God, I want to punch
Republicans in the balls
Just right in the balls

From Rabbitearz

Climate change is here.
The world is in a slow boil.
Don't buy a jacket.

From JD in Florida

Not quite Nazis yet
Concentration camps for kids
A stylish touch though

From Gary G. in Phoenix, Arizona

In these last few years
A black guy was elected
Twice, you fuckers, twice

From Sarah in Seattle

shit microplastics
as coasts drown, choke, and smolder.
Twelve years left on clock.

From BB in LA

Mnuchin looks like
He swallowed twenty lemons
And crapped out Bitcoins.

From Carlos in NYC:

Without John McCain
As Graham’s "Jiminy Cricket,"
Lindsey lost his mind.

From Steve in San Diego:

government shut down
a child dies in custody
all this for a wall

From Pool House Doctor in Texas

“Poor me," tweeted Trump
All alone in the White House
Should be a jail cell

From Emily in Idaho

The president is
Unqualified to manage
A lemonade stand.

From Don the Canadian:

Drooling idiots,
Those MAGA-capped crackers make
Me hate your country.

And one from me:

Lumbering Forward
Adios and bye,
2018, you fucking
prick hole of a year