Haiku Review of 2018 (Part 2): Make America Haiku Again

Once again, a call went out for haiku to try to exorcise this demonic year, and you delivered with dozens of the little fuckers. Unlike last year, when everyone was laser focused on Trump, Trump, Trump, this year the subjects were more diverse (although they all still swirled around the Trump toilet, as we must do in this shit era we're damned to live through).

Here are some of your best, from all over this big ol' land of ours and from overseas:

From Scott P. in Denver:

Mexico won't pay.
Neither will Congress. Trump pouts.
"I want my wall! Waaah!"

From L.B. in NYC

Big Cheese(burger) Meltdown
Stop and think, Donald.
No good fast food in prison.
Treason ain't worth it.

From Doug in Denver

Impeachment unwise?
Future presidents will know.
If not this time, when?

From Dave in Nashville

Twilight's last gleaming:
Boy, 8, in our custody,
No longer breathing.

From Mike in Albuquerque

Trump bans the bump-stocks.
The NRA is bankrupt.
Parkland kids kick ass.

From Jack H. in Central Illinois

Dems win House control
Count on subpoenaed tax forms
A mushroom shrivels

From Melissa in Florida

Blue tsunami hit
Old white men are in turmoil
Long may women rule

From Radical Russ in Oregon

Marijuana, as usual
Fucking *Utah* passed
Medical marijuana
This debate is won

From Schnoidl in Berlin

build the gallows now
gather up the treason gang
plant trees in their piss

And from me:

California's Only Hope

Maybe one day soon
Rising seas will extinguish
Massive forest fires.

George Bush, Senior died.
The line to blow his corpse dick
Stretched for miles and miles.

Keep 'em coming. You can send all haiku (legit ones, 5-7-5) to "rudepundit(at)yahoo(dot)com."