Hey, New York Times, Republicans Don't Have a "Dilemma" Over Supporting White Supremacists Since They Are White Supremacists

An article in the New York Times today is about the supposed queasiness that the Republican establishment is feeling because of Corey Stewart, the GOP candidate for Senate in Virginia. Stewart, you see, is "a popular figure" with white nationalists, white supremacists, Nazis, KKK, whatever the fuck you wanna call 'em, let's just say, "Filthy fucking racists."

That's because, among other odious positions, Stewart is an ardent defender of the Confederacy, the defeated pseudo-nation of goddamn traitors that fought a war in order to continue to keep slaves. Yeah, Stewart rants about how his opponent, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine, is cool with taking down the statues of the aforementioned goddamn traitors. In one video, this racist fuck declares that "We will never ever allow anyone" to go to Charlottesville to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee. That was posted a year ago, just before the white nationalist rally where anti-racist protester Heather Heyer was killed by a racist fuck.

Stewart has been endorsed by President Donald Trump, a man who never met a black athlete or politician he couldn't degrade, so, as the Times puts it, "For mainstream Republicans in Virginia and nationwide, a profound political dilemma of the Trump era is whether to support the growing number of candidates like Mr. Stewart who make racially divisive remarks — particularly about immigrants — and back causes that are championed by white nationalists."

Now, the rest of this post could be about how ludicrous a figure Stewart is. How he posts videos ranting about Sarah Jeong, the recent hire at the Times who tweeted some (pretty funny) things attacking white people. How he says, "I challenge anybody to find a single racist statement that I’ve ever made" right after he talks about how great the Confederacy was. How he says his racism is "edgy," as if it's cool and not just another verse of the same shit song over and over.

Instead, though, let's think about those Republicans who are facing a supposed "dilemma" over whether or not to support all the racists that racists love. What fucking "dilemma" is it? It's not like any of them are thinking, "Gee, maybe I should say that I don't like the Confederacy-humper." No, they're debating whether to avidly support Stewart or just stay silent. Either way, they are complicit in the racism that is simply the reason for the Republican Party to exist at all at this point (well, racism and making rich people richer).

Cut out this bullshit act, this pretense that Republicans have had anything that approaches honor on racial issues since at least the 1980s on a national level and well before that on the local level. The GOP has been fanning the flames of racial hatred and disenfranchisement for decades. (Note: Sorry, idiots who believe the dingleberries of fake wisdom that are sharted out of Dinesh D'Souza's mouth, but the majority of Democrats have been on the anti-racist side for a long-ass time.)

The second the words "welfare queen" dribbled from Ronald Reagan's mouth and Republicans cheered him for it, that was it. Any fucking chance for the GOP to deny its racism was completely fucking gone. And the war Reagan waged against black Americans, both by action and inaction, was starkly white supremacist. Reagan turned the entirety of government programs meant to help all Americans into something those poor darkies took because they were lazy and shiftless and trying to put one over on the man, the white man, that is. Just a bunch of Mammies having babies and Slip Coons stealing shit, that's how Reagan portrayed people who needed things like food stamps and other social programs to stay alive. So Reagan gutted those programs, hurting poor black families especially hard (and all poor people, but poor whites were on the Reagan train, so they loved it). Black poverty increased faster than white poverty under Reagan. He couldn't have given a shit. And neither could the Republican Party. Fuck, after getting the nomination in 1980, the son of a bitch went to Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three civil right workers were murdered just 16 years earlier, to give his first speech as the sole representative of his party.

Tell me that shit ain't the same fuckin' coin as Corey Stewart. Hell, I didn't even get into the Southern Strategy and Lee Atwater's comments on how the GOP was racist as hell but better at masking it.

There is no "dilemma" for Republicans. There's just a slight worry that the mask is off. But the same ugly white racist face is there that's been there for decades.

(Note: Yeah, you can tell me about some non-racist Republicans or black Republicans. Who the fuck cares? It's like saying, "Oh, hey, I found the one orange in the basket that doesn't have worms." The rest needs to be tossed in the trash.)