Six Haiku About 2014 That You Have to Read to Believe (With Bonus Haiku), Part 1

The Rude Pundit thanks everyone who put in the effort to compose a haiku or five for this here blog's Annual Haiku Review. If your poem didn't get chosen, well, who knows why, really? It was dependent on the day, the level of drugs and/or liquor ingested, and quirks of personality. Or it could be that yours just sucked balls. You will never find out.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, enjoy these. They may not be better, but they made the Rude Pundit tingle in special places.

From Hambone Sparklewell in Florida (seriously?):

The vicious circle,
Fear is why we shoot, shooting
Is why we're afraid.

From Mike in California:

David Fucking Brooks
Can shove his Centrist twaddle
Both Sides Don't Do It

From Johnstrosity (Ok, you're all trying too hard with the names):

Ebola Virus
An epidemic cured by
Mid-term elections

From Cacaocrazy in Oregon (goddamnit):

"I can't breathe," said he
who was only selling smokes
as the cops choke hold

From Chris in Hong Kong (see? Was that so hard?):

Occupy Hong Kong
Fucked up communist China
With democracy

From BB in Los Angeles:

Kansas Sam showed that
Supply side economics
Will brown back your state

From Rabbitearz, also in L.A. (Is that "Rabbit ears" or "Rabbi tears"?):

Our next president,
Jeb Bush is just Dubya with
a gut and pig snout.

(A few more coming later today.)