The Massacres That Aren't Worth Covering

The Massacres That Aren't Worth Covering:

The Rude Pundit might be old-fashioned, but he remembers a day not so long ago when, if the bodies of a murdered family of three were discovered in a Mississippi shack, it would be big news. Especially if one of the dead was a 7-year old boy. Perhaps those were more innocent times when the nation would be appalled as a whole at such carnage. We might have been asked to join in mourning them. We might have wondered why such horrible things happen.

Now, we don't blink. You can add "especially if the family's black" in there if you like. You wouldn't be wrong.

The same thing goes for the barbershop gambling room shooting yesterday in Detroit. Three men were killed. The murderer fired through the windows and then went in through a back door to shoot up the place.

If you're thinking, "Poor, Detroit, black," you can easily make your case.

This is the nation we live in. These are the times we are damned to exist in. If anyone suggests any kind of change, whether in gun laws or our treatment of inner city poverty, they are laughed at as traitors to a country that betrays its citizens a bullet or two at a time.