Speechwriter for George W. Bush Is Worried That Barack Obama Is Telling Lies

Speechwriter for George W. Bush Is Worried That Barack Obama Is Telling Lies:
Washington Post writer Marc Thiessen wrote speeches from 2001-2004 for then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld during the buildup to and the initial debacle of the Iraq "war." In 2004, he shifted over to writing for George W. Bush. That means that he was at least in some way responsible for speeches Rumsfeld and Bush gave where they said that Saddam Hussein was absolutely, definitely hiding weapons of mass destruction when they knew, at the very least, there were doubts. And he was at least in some way responsible for speeches where Bush said no-how, no-way is the United States torturing the fuck out of detainees. He was in some responsible for speeches where Bush said that Guantanamo Bay's prison contained only the worst of the worst when, really, it contained mostly the innocent of the innocent.

So you'll have to excuse the Rude Pundit if he reacts to Thiessen clutching his pearls and saying that President Barack Obama "lied" about people getting to keep their insurance, as he does in his latest "column" (if by "column," you mean, "abattoir of logic"). The thing is filled with lines that have the effect of pointing three fingers back at Thiessen even as he points one at Obama and his speechwriters. For instance, "Every president faces the challenge of explaining complex policies in simple terms. But the quest for simplicity is no excuse for dishonesty."

The Rude Pundit read that line, and he pretty much wished for Thiessen to get plague-carrying genital lice. If there was a God and a Devil, the moment Thiessen hit "send" to his editor, he should have been struck by lightning and dragged into the earth by clawed hands to prep him for a face-fucking by the decaying corpse of Richard Nixon.

Look, this is not to judge what Obama said. Frankly, the Rude Pundit's so disgusted by the fact that Republican are acting as if the ultra-capitalist Obamacare is a Marxist takeover of the nation that he doesn't think the GOP should get a place at the table for any argument about the Affordable Care Act. And any political party that talked up "death panels" as if they were real should be told to go fuck itself with its whining.

As should Thiessen. How soulless does he have to be, how self-delusional, in order to write, without any hint of irony, "This whole episode is a window into a fundamentally dishonest presidency"? There's enough dishonesty to go around, motherfucker, more than enough lies and insurance fuckery.

And at the end of the day, even if President Obama actually outright fucking lied, knowingly, about people keeping their individual policies, it pales in comparison to the murderous lies that Thiessen aided, abetted, and wrote.