In Brief: Other Things That Are Like Slavery to the GOP

In Brief: Other Things That Are Like Slavery to the GOP:
Next year's most famous meth addict, Sarah Palin, says that the national debt is "like slavery" (prefacing it with a charming "this isn't racist" because white Alaskans get to judge such things). Republicans all over the place say that the insurance mandate under the Affordable Care Act is "like slavery." Right-wingers compare abortion rights to slavery (when they're not comparing it to the Holocaust). And they're right. All of those are exactly like being owned as property by a master who can force you to work and rape you and sell you or your children to others and torture you on a whim.

Here's a list of some other things that Palin, the GOP, and company must consider to be just like slavery:

1. 2-Year cell phone agreements

2. State-mandated car insurance

3. Frequent flier mileage usage restrictions

4. Hotel mini-bar prices

5. Sharing a cab

6. Finishing one's four-year term as an elected official (Palin only)

7. Waiting in line for a cronut

8. Having to appeal to voters who aren't white, conservative, and/or rich

9. The minimum wage

10. Having a black president