Albuquerque, Anti-Choice Forces, and the Diminished Power of Dead Fetus Photos

Albuquerque, Anti-Choice Forces, and the Diminished Power of Dead Fetus Photos:
One of the the anti-choice's favorite tactics in our neverending abortion war in the United States is to display placards with photos of grotesque fetus corpses, presumably real and presumably the end result of one or another abortion procedure (although some have been shown to be miscarriages). The Rude Pundit won't link to these pictures because, fuck you, this is a family blog. In Texas recently, a cadre of worthless sacks of crazy used the photos on signs outside of high schools. In Albuquerque, some of the groups who just failed to get a ban on abortions after 20 weeks used the graphic images as part of their campaign.

In both cases, the bloody fetus photos ended up backfiring. In Albuquerque, the losers included a group with the charming name "Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust" (that's awesome - it means that if we're born, we're "survivors") protested with mutilated fetus signs outside the New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum. Perhaps not understanding the meaning of the word "intolerance," the protesters were demanding that the museum add a section on how abortion and the Holocaust are just alike, which is totally true, except for that part about the enormous state-sponsored program of the genocide of various groups of people who had no choice at all in the matter. But, hey, bodies is bodies, no? A starved, gassed adult is the same as a dead fetus. Still, in Albuquerque, the gory photos ended up turning people off to the anti-choicers.

Or maybe what's happened is simple because, in Texas, the pictures just ended up pissing off the students.  Let's explain it in a couple of cool video game images:

Do you see that fuckin' thing? Holy shit, it's disturbing. It's a Crawler, an infected, reanimated baby corpse with an explosive stomach in Dead Space 2, a popular game in 2011. One of your jobs in the game is to kill as many of these as you can without causing them to blow up into bits of bloody viscera. If you kill 30, you get an award. You become a "Nanny." This is all absolutely true. You entertain yourself by shooting the faces off fucked-up babies.

And what in fuck's name is that? It's literary, motherfuckers. That's an unbaptized baby from the game Dante's Inferno. It's got knives for hands and guts spilling out above its diaper. And it wants to slice you to pieces, so you better cut it up before it gets to.

So, dear, vicious, inbred-brained anti-choicers, you can put your bloody fetus porn away. That shit may have worked twenty, thirty years ago. But it's the 21st century and the kids are watching beheading videos on Live Leak and playing games that realistically portray the disemboweling of children and babies. You ain't gonna shock 'em anymore with a crushed skull or dismembered limbs.

And, if Albuquerque is any example, with its 55% to 45% defeat of the abortion ban, you better come up with a new tactic pretty damn fast.