Photos That Make the Tea Party Look Like a Bunch of Shut-Ins on Hoverounds

Photos That Make the Tea Party Look Like a Bunch of Shut-Ins on Hoverounds:

Hey, Tea Party slackers, that up there is how you protest a fuckin' budget you don't like. You get your fat asses out in the street, like the 50-70,000 people who did so in Rome. You fuckin' riot, you punk ass bitches. You don't wait for Paul Ryan to shit out another time-waster of a document.

Oh, and you don't suck the assholes of the wealthy and make their causes yours. Those protesters up there are a combination of lefties who oppose the worthless austerity programs of the Letta government and conservatives who want lower corporate taxes. If something like this happened in the United States, it'd just be Koch Brother-approved capitalist slaves doing the bidding of their masters. Anything smacking of a pro-union or pro-government program would be beaten out of the group by Wall Street's flunkies.

As one protest leader said, "Even after austerity has proven to be disastrous, with debt rising, the economy crumbling, and unemployment soaring, they still continue with these policies." Bigger marches are promised. Can you imagine that kind of energy spent in the United States?

Nope. Probably everyone would be arrested as "terrorists." Or there's just so many hours in a day and all those episodes of NCIS aren't gonna watch themselves.