Help Wendy Davis Fuck Up the Texas GOP's Shit

Help Wendy Davis Fuck Up the Texas GOP's Shit:

The Rude Pundit has never participated in a money bomb, where a bunch of bloggers try to get people to donate to the campaign of a particularly appealing Democratic politician. He's making an exception this time for two reasons. First, because fuck the Texas GOP and the reign of filth and stupidity they have inflicted on Texas and the nation, from their chemical factories to their textbooks. And, second, because State Senator Wendy Davis kicks so much ass that actual asses pucker in fear when she's around.

Davis just announced that she is running for governor of the Lone Star State, and you can bet that the hate machine is gearing up to rip her to shreds. (Note of compassion: the likely Republican nominee will be Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is wheelchair-bound. Electing the first disabled governor in Texas? That's kind of a big deal. Otherwise, though, fuck that guy.)

Why should you give money to Wendy Davis's campaign? The Rude Pundit thinks she's awesome not just because of her genuine filibuster against restrictive anti-choice legislation, which really did stop the bill from passing and forced Gov. Rick Perry to call another special session, but because she also previously filibustered a school funding bill in 2011 that shorted the kids of Texas by $4 billion. She pissed off Rick Perry, who called her a "show horse," which is funny only if you think about the Republican nominee for president in 2012.

(Oh, one more fun fact: Abbott sued the homeowner whose tree fell on him in 1984 and was awarded up to $9 million, which didn't prevent Abbott from attacking lawyers and "excessive" lawsuits. So, seriously, fuck this guy.)

She went from being a single mom in a trailer park to Harvard. She's received a shit-ton of awards for her advocacy for women and children. And anti-abortion nutzoids are losing their fucking minds that she would dare to run for governor.

(Okay, just one more thing: Abbott was addressing the National Right to Life convention in Dallas. He believes that if a woman is raped or an incest victim, she should be forced to keep that damn baby. He told the gathered freaks and shut-ins, "It is great to be in a room full of Americans who are fighting for the full arc of human life from conception until natural death." Apparently, "natural death" includes capital punishment, which Abbott loves like a child loves his wubby. So, again, it can't be said enough, fuck this guy.)

Davis is gonna need all the help she can get. Texas is one of the nation's breeding grounds for dumbfucks who want to turn the clock back to 1950something. But it'd be worth it to start to wreck the Republican machine that has dominated Texas for a generation. It'd be worth it to make Rick Perry and Ted Cruz cry. And it'd be worth it because you know that Ann Richards and Molly Ivins would be behind her with all the intensity and cutting wit they could muster.

Let's help her fuck some shit up.