Chris Christie Just Wasted $12-24 Million Tax Dollars

Chris Christie Just Wasted $12-24 Million Tax Dollars:

You see that? That's the ballot that confronted New Jersey voters this past Wednesday. It had one thing and one thing only on it: Who do you want in office to finish Frank Lautenberg's term in the U.S. Senate? Cory Booker won because everyone knew that Cory Booker was going to win and, really, Steve Fuckin' Lonegan? It took about 2 seconds to vote.

But that's not why it was an enormous waste of time and money. No, see, in less than three weeks, there's an election in New Jersey that's not on the third Wednesday in October. No, see, it's on the first Tuesday in November or, you know, Election Day. And on that ballot will be initiatives, state legislators, a shitload of local elections, and, oh, hey, a gubernatorial race featuring one Chris Christie. He's New Jersey's governor, the very man who decided that the Senate election couldn't possibly wait three more weeks, despite the fact that Christie had appointed a replacement until someone could be elected.

And this is why Democrats shouldn't fear Christie. Sure, he looks like a corpulent villain straight out of a 1930s serial or maybe Sydney Greenstreet without the style, but while he projects that he's an asshole, he's really just a pussy.

The Senate election cost the state at least an additional $12 million, possibly up to $24 million when all is said and done, money that would have been saved had Christie merely waited a handful more days. What did the state get for its millions of dollars at a time when Christie is raiding the Clean Air Fund, including $10 million just a few months ago to "plug a hole" in the budget? A 24% turnout and the inevitable Cory Booker victory.

Oh, and probably a lot of black (Democratic) voters staying home on November 5, which was the goal all along and, frankly, it should have been paid for by Christie's campaign.

Christie is devouring Democrat Barbara Buono like he eats a pizza slice on the Jersey Shore, ahead of her by at least 20 points. How much of a comfortable lead does he need? Ah, but, see, if he wins by 25-30 points in November, won't that look unbeatable in a presidential election.

Unless, of course, some candidate or Hillary brings up this simple fact: Chris Christie wasted New Jersey's limited tax dollars for no reason other than ego and fear.

(Fun fat fact: Christie was just endorsed by the NJ Food Council because no shit.)