How Republicans Are Motherfuckers Where Democrats Are Not

How Republicans Are Motherfuckers Where Democrats Are Not:
Let's have some fun with legislative history:

In March 2006, the Republican-led Senate voted 52-48 to raise the debt ceiling. The nation had seen the budget surpluses left by Bill Clinton turned into deficits almost overnight by the destructive policies of the Bush administration. Minority Leader Harry Reid, who was viciously angry at how "fiscally irresponsible" Republicans were, could have easily turned those 48 votes, including 3 Republicans, into a filibuster and voted against cloture on the legislation. It would have been a stand against the useless wars and the even more useless tax cuts for the wealthy that were quickly bringing us to our near financial doom. But Democrats didn't do that. Because, while their "no" votes took a stand, they didn't want to tank the U.S. economy. Let's not even get into which Republican motherfuckers are consistent (Tom Coburn) and which are hypocritical weasels (Chuck Grassley) when it comes to the debt ceiling now.

In November 2003, a Republican Congress voted for George W. Bush's Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act. It won by one vote in the House (through bullying, bribes, and extraordinary procedural hinkiness by Majority Leader Tom DeLay) and sailed through the Senate. Still, many Democrats, especially in House, opposed the law. In November 2006, Americans had had enough of GOP fuckery and voted in a Democratic Congress. You know what that new Congress didn't do? They didn't try to torpedo the MPDIMA. They didn't have masturbatory show votes to demonstrate to their constituents that they really, truly could suck their own cocks or lick their own clits. You know what they tried to do? Acknowledging that it was the law of the land, they tried to improve it.

Yeah, in January 2007, shortly after leadership changed parties, the now-Democratic-led House voted for the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act, 255-170. See, the Democrats wanted Medicare to be able to negotiate drug prices with the extortionists in the pharmaceutical industry. They wanted to make the MPDIMA more cost-effective, not just take it out back and put three bullets in its skull. It would have passed the Senate, except the now-in-the-minority Republicans filibustered it, every single fucking one of them (with one abstention). Why? Because that's how a bunch of assholes rolls.

The impotence of the GOP today to take down the Affordable Care Act is making them frustrated beyond belief and, rather than sit down and say, "Okay, it's the law now. Maybe we can change some things in it, though," they keep grabbing at their flaccid pricks, willing them to get hard. And if they can't, well, someone's gonna fuckin' pay. So they're threatening to add defunding of Obamacare to any continuing spending bill, which, with no chance of passage in the Senate and an Obama veto, would have the net result of causing a government shutdown. And, failing that, they're threatening to hold the debt ceiling hostage to repealing the law.

(Note: They keep calling it the "failed health care legislation." What the fuck? How do you know it's a failure unless you let it be fully implemented?)

At this point, the Republicans threatening to default on the debt are like an idiot friend who keeps talking about how much he wants to try heroin. At some point, he's gotta just shoot that shit into his arm to find out what happens or he'll never shut up about it. And if the next thing that happens is addiction or an overdose? Well, at least he discovered what happens when you get stupidly high, no matter what price he had to pay in the end.