10th Anniversary Hobo Hat Fundraiser Continues

10th Anniversary Hobo Hat Fundraiser Continues:
Yes, the Rude Pundit has been hacking away at the conservative weeds for a full decade. And so he's put out the bowler hat to collect enough money from readers to buy a new laptop and some excellent whiskey. So far, the response has been fuckin' amazing, from $1 to $250, dozens and dozens of awesome rudesters have tossed in some coins into the saxophone case on the sidewalk to make him play even sweeter. If you wanna show some love, just click the shit out this button:

The kingdom of the rude is not limited to bloggery. There's, of course, the Twitter, the Facebook page (where people argue, kvetch, and sometimes love), and, yeah, even YouTube, which started with this simple video about a certain columnist.

Yes, it's been a great ride so far.

Oh, and he's answering questions from readers this week, like Dan, who asks, "WTF? Am I right?" Yes, Dan, you are right. WTF indeed.