10th Anniversary Collection Plate Still Being Passed (and More Questions Answered):
Yup, this week marks 10 years of this here blog, The Rude Pundit. It's almost entirely a solo operation, but, as we trip down memory lane, let's remember the weeks of guest writers, like in 2006, when a group of female bloggers took over the joint (including a couple who are now writing for big-time things like The Guardian and Slate). This was followed by weeks of African-American bloggers, LGBT bloggers, New Orleans bloggers, and bloggers with disabilities. This is not to mention theme weeks from writers getting rude about the workplace and about abortion rights. The Rude Pundit is truly grateful for them all (and especially for Pam Spaulding, who was featured several times because she contains multitudes - much love, Pam).

Mostly, though, it was and is just a one-rude-man show. And so he's putting out the collection plate, like a church full of buskers, angling for the funding for a new laptop and some quality booze, looking to make a little scratch for all the years of free, free rudeness. You can join the dozens of people (damn, thanks) who have already donated and show your love and affection at the PayPal:

And he's answering your questions (which require no donation to ask - he's not a total dick). Like this one from Chris in, well, shit, Illinois, same state as yesterday: "Your site came to life just before the much-missed mediawhoresonline.com site ceased postings. Did you ever have any contact with the mysterious creator(s) of MWO?"

The Rude Pundit was well aware of and also much misses Media Whores Online, one of the earliest incarnations of blogging impoliteness. While he had no affiliation with the writers of MWO, they were definitely an influence on getting into this crazy-ass game of online masturbation for the joy of millions. Other early blogs that piqued the Rude Pundit's interest and drew him like a siren to the interwebs were Billmon's The Whiskey Bar, the great absurdist Fafblog, The Daily Howler, and Atrios's Eschaton, which started a year or so before the Rude Pundit. He blames them all.

There's a history here, people. And the Rude Pundit is goddamn proud to be a part of it.

(Note: This was bumped up from earlier. Scroll down to read mean things about Ted Cruz.)