Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Handful of Vicodin with a Wine Glass of Sweet Crude:
There's many reasons we in Left Blogsylvania often look to Canada as a beacon of hope, mostly having to do with universal health care and attention actually paid to infrastructure. But, just like its big brother to the south, Canada is sucking on that oil pipeline like a just-out Iowa 21 year-old on his first trip to Fire Island. And, of course, they get to reap its bounty all over Canada's face.

That's an oil spill in a forest and river in Alberta, from underground tar sands wells, and it's been spewing for over two months. Because why the fuck not?

Back in June, the company in charge of the well declared it "mostly contained," which, nearly 8 weeks later, seems like a bit of a lie, unless "mostly" means "not really."

In Calgary, the people are mostly concerned with cleaning up after the insane floods, which will end up costing $3 billion dollars, which, these days, is a lot to everyone but, you know, the oil companies.

America could learn from America, Jr.'s mistakes on tar sands and oil pipelines. But we won't.