Next Week: Rude Women Will Kick Your Ass Over Abortion Rights:
The Rude Pundit will be on vacation next week because if he doesn't get his brain off the crack of politics for a while, he's gonna stab the next person with an anti-Obamacare bumper sticker. But never fear, for there will be writers taking over, a bunch of righteously pissed-off women, and they will kick your ass.

As state after state lines up to be total assholes about women's rights and women's health clinics, this here blog is gonna feature women who live or just left those places that have decided that the government owns all uteruses. You're gonna hear from women who are involved in boots-on-the-ground activism, as well as women who have never blogged or marched, but want to tell their stories: of what Planned Parenthood has done for them, about what they want for themselves or their daughters.

The schedule will go like this:
Monday will be an all-Texas day.
Tuesday will feature the middle of the country, with writers from Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wisconsin.
On Wednesday, we'll head to Ohio, where former Fox "news" goon John Kasich has driven the state incredibly rightward.
On Thursday, we're going south, with North Carolina and Mississippi writers.
Friday finishes the week with Virginia and Alabama (and a touch more Texas).

The full list of names will be up later today.

The response the Rude Pundit received to his call for women writers was both sad and amazing. The fact that over four dozen women wanted to write to the world bespeaks an awful backlash against women, again, in this nation. But the fact that so many refuse to stay silent, as we see every day in the protests at capitals around the nation, is incredible.

To everyone who wrote in, a sincere hat tip of gratitude.

Next week is gonna be awesome around here.