Big Rude Hugs to Last Week's Guest Writers:
All last week at this here joint, woman after woman wrote blog posts about the right to choose: what it means to have it, what it means to use it, what it means to lose it, and what it means to fight for it. If you didn't read them, do it now, fer chrissake. You will get a picture of the pro-choice movement at this moment in the places where women's rights are most in danger of being curtailed.

So a huge thanks to:

Susan Schorn

Tex Betsy

Alston Capps

Lainie of Occupy Austin

Meg Moen

Wendy of UniteWomen.org Ohio

KP from Kansas

Jenny Evans

Female, Fifty, and Furious

Emily Glenn

Melissa Hassard

Lori Garrott

Kat Rhodes

Amy in Austin

Sheila Fyfe

Southern Fried Feminist


Caitlin Bancroft

Thank you for allowing this writer to take a week off from having endless politics pierce his brain. But, mostly, thank you for your honesty and amazing stories and opinions.

Back later with more mansplained rudeness.