Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Shove a Falafel Up Someone's Ass:

Ah, Israel, sweet Israel, the nation that we pathetic fuckers in the United States should emulate and admire, according to far too many legislators in our country, especially those who are owned by the Israel lobby. They just want peace, the Israeli people. Why won't those filthy Muslims allow there to be peace?

Oh, and by they way, if the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team signs a couple of Muslim players from Chechnya, some of their Jewish fans will burn shit down, like the team's clubhouse.

Let's not lack the nuance about Israel that our drinkers of Kosher chode in Congress avoid. The police there are calling the fire the action of "extremists." And when one of the new players went onto the field in a game last Sunday, yes, some hardcore fucksacks "cursed and booed him, but thousands of other supporters cheered him."

In fact, Beitar Jerusalem sees what it's doing as a gesture towards a truly peaceful future. The team's chairman said, "We took an important step and we’re moving forward. In the end, all the fans will understand that this is a done deal and there’s no turning back."

But extremists everywhere will do everything they can to make progress hurt as much as possible.