No, Liberals Aren't Making Alleged Killer Christopher Dorner Into a Hero:
So apparently liberals are big supporters of murderer Christopher Dorner, according to multiple mentally-challenged conservatives. Despite it being an insignificant number of people who are saying pro-Dorner things, chief globule of bile Rush Limbaugh claims, "It is not an insignificant number of people in this country on the left who are excited and are encouraging this guy."

How do they know this? Because there's a Facebook page called "I Support Christopher Jordan Dorner" and it has a few thousand people who hit the "Like" button on it. For fuck's sake, it's Facebook. Charles Manson's got a page that has nearly 15,000 likes. You could put up a page with a picture of shit that says, "Let's make this turd more popular than Ted Nugent," and it'll get thousands of likes.

But let's not forget that people on Twitter say stupid shit, too. Michelle Malkin's Jackoffatorium of Tweets and Farts known as Twitchy has been aggregating every time someone compares Dorner to Jamie Foxx's Django from Django Unchained or Rambo, who, before punching the heads off foreigners, stone cold murdered cops in First Blood. Yes, the fact that people make clever pop culture references is definitely a sign of sympathy with a killer. That's not a fuckin' logical leap at all. And even if a few dozen, even a few hundred, assholes want Dorner to get away with killing three people, that just means there's a statistically tiny group of individuals who can go fuck themselves.

Also, in his manifesto, Dorner praised media figures, condemned conservative beliefs, and said that he was a victim of ongoing racism in the LAPD. Because some people think that the allegations in the manifesto might bear investigation, people like, you know, the notoriously liberal LAPD, that must mean that those people want to elect Dorner the next Pope. Mostly, the right is acting all hurt because they think that if Dorner had been a Tea Party member or a right-winger, his views on anything would be dismissed and called lunacy. Here's the thing: Dorner isn't saying he's on a killing spree because he's afraid Mitch McConnell will get rid of Obamacare. In other words, his political beliefs are not his motivation. When Jim Adkisson shot up the Unitarian church in Knoxville, Tennesseee, in 2008, he said it was because he hated liberals.

Again and again and again, the right in this country thinks that it's impossible to hold a couple of thoughts in one's head at the same time. You can think that Dorner might have a legitimate grievance that he is bringing to the public's attention in the worst possible way. And you can also hope that the authorities shoot, or, preferably, arrest the messenger.