Paintings That Creep the Rude Pundit the Fuck Out:

The Rude Pundit fully expects to learn that this painting and another are not really from the brush of invisible ex-President George W. Bush. And, yeah, it's kind of dickish to put this up since it was stolen, with emails and photos, from the hacked email account of Bush's sister. But the Rude Pundit's gotta tell ya: That fuckin' picture up there, a self-portrait of the man hisself, is fascinating. So let's pretend it's the real deal, a genuine work of arty-type stuff by Bush, for a moment here (and, hopefully, it'll turn out to be so).

The first thing the Rude Pundit thought was, "Look out behind you!" And then he wondered if this was an image of Bush awaiting his elderly male lover, whose approach is seen in the mirror, for some old fashioned Greco-Roman nude shower wrestling. And blow jobs with anal play, of course,

But, no, obviously, it's Bush's face in the mirror, even at that impossible angle. Look at his expression: those are the eyes and brow of a haunted man, a man who stands in the shower and stares at himself, wondering where the years went, what did he do with his life, what will he do now. Perhaps. Perhaps he's haunted by the tortured, by the tens of thousands of people dead because of him, by the horrible breath and scowl of Dick Cheney telling him what the fuck to destroy. Perhaps he wants to lay himself bare, his back muscles taut from the anxiety he lives with each and every day, hour, moment.

Nah. He's probably just wondering if anyone'll catch him pissing down the drain.