Hillary Clinton's "What the Fuck, Rand Paul?" Face Will Make Your Day:

That's about-to-be-former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton up there, wondering what kind of bananas shit Sen. Rand Paul is crapping out of his mouth. "Really? Do you know what the fuck you're talking about?" is what that face says, and, indeed, as befits a man who looks like he jacks off while listening to cassette audiobooks of Carlos Castaneda and watching donkey porn, Paul was talking about one of the many right-wing nutzoid conspiracy theories about the "truth" about the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Paul asked, "Is the U.S. involved with any procuring of weapons, transfer of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?" You don't want to know what the fuck he was talking about - something, something, something, arms to Syria, ambassador killed over it - because it's utter bullshit.

Of course, rather than saying "What the fuck now?" Clinton smirked at the question and then looked at Paul as if he had been fondling himself during his questioning and while earlier bragging about how he would have fired Clinton if he had been president, which he won't be, ever in the history of forever. "Nobody's ever raised that with me," she said to the unsatisfied dink from Kentucky. When Paul pressed her, she just said, "I do not know. I don't have any information on that."

Yeah, it was actually a banner day for Clinton, taking on the bellicose preeners and poseurs of the GOP. She was so strong against an obdurate opposition that was determined to find something, anything, to justify their narrative that Benghazi was a scandal worth more than a thorough investigation and some readjustment of security, that it had to point to institutional incompetence, if not outright deception. It reeked of the stink of projection, of people who hadn't questioned much after 9/11 trying to compensate now.

So, apparently, to Republicans, what one says on a Sunday talk show is the same as testimony under oath.  It's certainly the way they treated the things U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said on the gabfest after the attack. And when Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin tried to get her to admit that the administration screwed up on getting the "facts" out about Benghazi, Clinton hit him so hard that he was practically out of breath after her answer.

Emotionally, the smackdown of Johnson was the highlight. But check out what she said to John McCain. The Senate's nastiest leprechaun was a-puffin' away on his tiny pipe as he accused Clinton and the administration of providing "false answers" and not providing enough security to the consulate. The short version of Clinton's answer was "Suck it, old man."

The longer answer: "I will also tell you that since March 2011, Congressional holds have been placed on programs for many months for aid to Libya. We've had frequent Congressional complaints. 'Why are we doing anything for Libya? It's a wealthy country. It has oil.' Disagreement from some sources that we should never have been part of any U.N. mission in Libya. Currently, the House has holds on bilateral security assistance, on other kinds of support for anti- terrorism assistance." Yeah, talk to your buddies in the House Majority, motherfucker.

Man, Clinton must have spent the rest of the afternoon wiping bits of ass off her shoes.