Sharron Angle Is Running the Most Hateful Senate Campaign Out There:
So what's the proper response to "Man up," the emasculating slogan now being used as a near chant by Nevada Republican Sharron Angle in her campaign speeches? Ever since she said it at her lugubrious debate with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Angle has been acting like an old porn star who just got vaginoplasty and wants to show her newly-tucked pussy to everyone. At a rally yesterday in Vegas, Angle said, "He needs to take some responsibility. He says it is not his fault on the economy. Man up, Harry Reid. He says there is no problem with Social Security. Man up, Harry Reid. He says this war is lost and your general is dishonest. You owe us an apology. Man up, Harry Reid."

The size of Reid's waxy mansack aside, Angle's campaign has essentially been trash-talking Reid in ways that you don't usually see a major party candidate trash-talking another. While Reid has been somewhat brutal to Angle, questioning her competence and intelligence (mostly by quoting newspapers that do so), Angle's website has statements that are so over-the-top in Reid hatred that you have to wonder if the secret undercurrent is that Angle or her Communications Director Jarrod Agen don't just want to get fucked by Harry's reed.

Two examples:
"Harry Reid is a national embarrassment and each day he gets more desperate and delusional...he was gutless and cowardly in his face-to-face debate with Sharron...Reid is a hated man and he knows it."- All from a single paragraph campaign press release from October 19.

"Nevada voters despise Senator Reid." - from an October 20th press release.

Of course, these are the craven last days of a ridiculous season of campaigning. And, of course, it's hard to expect any less from Jarrod Agen, who is a political consultant and previously was a spokesman for Rudy Giuliani's failed presidential campaign, which means he's a motherfucker with nothing that approaches what humans might call "ethics." He's also responsible for getting Angle to tamp down the real crazy that she showed during the primary.

So how to respond to Angle's "Man up" and other attacks? Probably the same way one would respond to that porn star: "Put your cunt away."