Regarding the Kentucky Stomping and Juan Williams (Updated):
Well, at least the thugs aren't wearing jackboots. It's white sneakers and loose-fit jeans and belly-clinging t-shirts for the speech-suppressing motherfuckers. When Tim Profitt, the former Rand Paul campaign coordinator for Bourbon County (motto: "Suburban backwards ass country fucks voting against our interests"), stomped on the shoulder and head of a Paul protester, he revealed the ugly heart of the Tea Party, the flames fanned by an endless radio and Fox "news" loop of conspiracy theories and hatemongering the likes of which would make Joseph McCarthy say, "Whoa, are you fucking serious?"

Look at Profitt before his foot of doom strikes Lauren Valle. He thinks about it. He pauses, and his simian brain is flooded by disembodied voices crying out in his head that democracy's vampire tree needs blood to be satisfied. He wants a piece of this fuckin' action, man. You can see him make that decision. How often can a man have a chance to kick the shit out of some short-haired, lesbohippie cunt? And this one's already on the ground, just begging for it. "Yeah," you know he thought, seeing Valle tackled and assaulted by other good Paul nutsuckers, "I gotta get in on that shit." So he stomps, slowly, allowing the feeling of sole hitting shoulder to course through his muscles and bone, a charge that's electric, giving him that barbaric violent surge in his deadened cock, yeah, feeling like this is the way, man, this is the way, so he slides his foot down to her head and pushes, the helpless Valle unable to even shove a redneck asshole's size 7 off her skull.

You can bet that, in the days before, Profitt was jacking off his flaccid, scabby dick to Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly's outrage over the Juan Williams firing, listening to how it violates free speech, how liberals can't stand it when they hear an opinion that doesn't suit their agenda, how hateful and despicable the left is to silence this man because he simply said something that was not politically correct. You can bet that he came, just a little, and wiped his prick with a copy of the Bill of Rights that he understands so fucking well.

The Rude Pundit wants to know how many of the nutzoids who were joyous at Valle's treatment, who said that she deserved it because she was there to, you know, speak against Rand Paul by dressing up to give him a mock award, who expressed in the yahoo-driven comment sections that it was "about time" someone took down a liberal, were more than a little outraged at NPR's treatment of Juan Williams. Oh, wait, that's easy to find out.

Stinking fuckbag Jim Hoft of the conservative shitbasket known as Gateway Pundit was apoplectic about Williams. "What is it with these leftists? When anyone disagrees with them they accuse them of being crazy," he said about NPR execs. But Valle, who disagrees with Hoft over whether or not Rand Paul should be in the Senate, is an "unhinged leftist," according to the aforementioned fuckbag. Remember: Juan Williams was lynched. Lauren Valle got what she deserved (the rape implications there being intentional).

We are in for dark, dark times. The crazies and the inbreds are taking over, flush with corporate cash, talking about "freedom" like it's just another channel on the cable box.

Update: As if to prove the point, a week ago, leather-clad geriatric thugs forced a DNC campaign tracker to leave a public event for Florida Republican Senate candidate Allen West, who had identified him and told him to go. When he is near his car, while the biker grandpas are taking his license plate number, he asks them why. One says to him, "It's a free country." These bastards wouldn't know freedom if it fucked their faces.

(Tip o' the rude hat to Shoq.)