Candidates Say the Darnedest Things:
All quotes from this week's various debates in various races:

1. "[Y]ou writing an article saying that you learned your beliefs from an articulate, intelligent Marxist professor and that's what made you become a Democrat, that should send chills up the spine of every Delaware voter."- Christine O'Donnell, soon to lose the Senate race in Delaware, referring to Democrat Chris Coons's 1985 college newspaper column where he said that, while studying abroad in Kenya, "I studied under a bright and intelligent Marxist professor." Someone should probably inform O'Donnell that if she ever attended her college classes, she more than likely had several Marxist professors. By the way, the actual article was about how much he loves America.

2. "I don't like the idea of somebody in Washington deciding that Susie has two mommies is an appropriate family situation...That's what happens when we let things get to a federal level."- Rand Paul, debating Jack Conway at Northern Kentucky University. This was part of Paul's "logic" in eliminating the Department of Education: because obviously every student everywhere has to read about the gay penguins or mommies or Obama's gay stormtroopers sodomize their teachers in front of them.

3. "It's insulting to the millions of people who watch WWE every week ... to suggest that somehow it is less than quality entertainment." - Linda McMahon, debating Richard Blumenthal for the Senate seat of Christopher Dodd in Connecticut.

Umm...here's a description of the "quality entertainment" at the WWE NXT event occurring on the same night as the debate: "Last up is Maxine and she says that her topic tonight is disrespect. She says that last week Hornswoggle disrespected her by shoving a pie in her face, but nonetheless she was going to end up on top. Maxine turns her attention to Kaitlyn and says that Kaitlyn is actually lucky to have Vickie as her pro but she doesn’t appreciate it because she had to go and disrespect the relationship between Dolph and Vickie. Maxine calls Kaitlyn a homewrecker and says that is not how ladies conduct their business." One might argue that it's McMahon's company that insults millions of people every week.

4. "We have to hold employers accountable for hiring illegal workers." - Meg Whitman, debating Jerry Brown to be governor of California. Holding herself accountable, Whitman said in the same debate about having hired (and fired) an undocumented worker, "We went through an employment agency. We looked at three forms of identification. Our housekeeper falsified those documents and came to admit it nine years later. It broke my heart, but I had to fire her." Apparently for Whitman, "accountable" means "hopefully getting away with it." The penalty for Whitman? Well, until this came to light, not a goddamn thing.

5. And just 'cause she's so fucking dumb, which means she's so fucking funny, here's O'Donnell again, this time addressing the hypothetical situation of a sick person without insurance going for help in the emergency room of a hospital: "[R]ight now we're forcing them to. We're forcing them that they have to give care to illegal aliens. So this is something that we're already doing. What I'm proposing, you're also talking about a very small hypothetical using scare tactics to make people support this health care bill." Yep, that's right. One sentence after using the scary proposition of illegals using hospitals, she chided the moderators for using "scare tactics."

When is this absolutely endless shit over?