Sore Losers Don't Even Know When They've Lost:
Chuck Norris, whose cock and balls are so small that he could fuck a mouse, writes in his "column" this week (if by "column," you mean, "the sad rantings of a has-been exercise equipment salesman") about "a storm coming to Washington." He writes about "masses of American citizens and patriots who will continue to swarm tyranny (Democrat and Republican) until it is squeezed out of our nation, just as it was during the American Revolution." Norris perhaps can be excused for having brain damage from all those karate kicks, so he's probably conflating reality with The Octagon.

But the last few days have been filled with an uptick in violent rhetoric on the right about how to fight and defeat and target and crush and eliminate those who voted for the health care reform bill. Noted sucker of whore toes, Dick Morris, and Eileen McCann (whoever the fuck she is) use Winston Churchill's war memoir to prop up the right's feelings. (They also predict "the defeat of more than 50 of their congressmen, the switch of Senate control and Republican domination for decades" in the wake of the health care vote. If Morris is wrong, you think anyone will stop having his fat fucking face on Fox "news"?) Tony Blankley also invokes Churchill and adds, "now and here is where we must battle for our freedom," although he hedges on the method: "Not, pray God, with bullets, but with words and ideas." Just like Churchill, no?

Over at RedState.com, future CNN presence Erick "Erick" Erickson said on Sunday, "There is a God, there is good, and there will be a last day. And on that last day we will win. Victory comes though we know not when. So we must be happy warriors until the end — warriors willing to fight with a smile and willingness to sacrifice for freedom. We have not yet begun to fight." He thinks some Republicans are still too moderate and need to be replaced with conservatives. Apparently, sacrificing for freedom doesn't mean a slight increase in the tax rate for the wealthy in order to provide for those without access to regular health care.

What else? Sarah Palin did something retarded, which is a little like saying "Sarah Palin breathed." Her SarahPAC (motto: "You think these hair styles are cheap?") has a poster up on Facebook (of course) that uses gun crosshairs to demonstrate where to target members of Congress for "defeat." Or shooting. Either way. The poster says, "It's time to take a stand," to which one wants to respond, "Um, didn't you already take a stand and lose?"

More offices of Democrats have been targeted by brick throwing idiots. Bart Stupak has received death threats. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and all of their wannabes are declaring Democrats and liberals enemies of the United States. Somebody is going to get fucking killed, and it ain't gonna be Beck, even if he implies Barack Obama wants to shiv him.

We on the left used the rhetoric of battle during the Bush administration. But we used it when people were actually being killed and tortured by our nation. There's a vast qualitative difference to saying you are going to fight against people who lied us into war and saying you are going to take down those who are trying to get health care to poor people.

What this belies is the point the Rude Pundit's been making again and again: not one of these mass actions is going to happen. There will continue to be incidents, yes, and some of them may even veer into what we might call, if we weren't such racists, "terrorism." But mostly, this is done, this health care battle. The last stand happened. The battle was joined. The war was fought. And we won. And you lost, dear conservatives. Now, stop trying to dictate the terms of your defeat.