Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Teabag a Komodo Dragon:

Hey, what does the Tea Party and the Republican National Committee have in common with Muslim students in Indonesia? The ability to photoshop Barack Obama's face into the face of a villain from The Dark Knight. Oh, that and hatred of President Obama. Yep, Glenn Beck and Fikri Ahmad Irhamul are like rancid peas in a filthy pod.

One supposes that every right-wing tool running around America declaring that Obama is surrendering the United States to Islam and allowing Osama bin Laden to sodomize our veiled daughters never actually asked, you know, Muslims overseas what they thought. And they're not happy with Obama, even if he was born in Indonesia. Ahead of a now-delayed trip to the country where, in reality, he did live for a few years, small but lively protests have erupted. "Just like Bush, he is a war president and an enemy of Islam," said Irhamul, the protest leader in Jakarta. "He sent thousands of soldiers to Afghanistan, and many of our Muslim brothers have died because of him." Hey, take a note, teabaggers: they're actually rallying against something real, not imaginary, like Obama's "socialism."

They so despise Obama that they're throwing shoes at his image and, yes, walking around with posters showing him as Two-Face, which at least makes more sense than the Tea Party's Obama/Joker one.

Of course, the crazed teabaggers and their GOP and media enablers will merely say that this proves Obama has failed in uniting the world. And we should point out that at least he's brought together conservative nutzoids and Muslim radicals, who, indeed, are two sides of the same coin.