Sotomayor, Day 3 (and Some Day 4): More Random Observations of the Tedious Madness:
1. Honestly, watching even a couple of hours of the Sonia Sotomayor hearing makes you want to break a window and cut your chest with the glass just to make sure you're not too numb to feel anything. The endless ways the Republicans are asking the same things, over and over and over, focusing in on two things, her "wise Latina" remark and the Ricci case, as if they are KGB interrogators with a writer who said something nasty about Brezhnev. Ask enough, and surely there will be a contradiction, surely some crack will show the awful bean-eating beast within. It's all they've got. But this dead horse is just looking disgusting from all the beating.

2. Al Franken is smarter than almost every other Senator there. He was funny, sure, but compared to Arlen Specter, who acted like an old fucker no one likes who bitches that he doesn't get enough visitors at the nursing home, Franken was a model of decorum and preparation. And he broke Democratic protocol by taking head-on a right wing talking point, asking, "Do you believe that the Constitution contains a fundamental right to privacy?"

3. The best rubber/glue moment was from Lindsey Graham, who offered to the federal judge seated before him, "You have said some things that just bug the hell out of me." Graham is such skeevy son of a bitch, the kind of long-necked circus geek who hangs around in the back of shitty gay bars, sucking back longnecks, watching the men dance so he can go home and jack off at the vicarious feeling of pec on pec motion but who'll deny he's into dudes caused he's never fucked a guy.

4. Who the fuck cares what Frank Ricci has to say about a goddamn thing? Nothing against Ricci himself, but other than Sotomayor ruling, as part of a panel, on an appeal in a case he was the plaintiff on, what the fuck does he have to say? That if the Supreme Court hadn't overturned the ruling, he'd've had to take a test again? Fuck his opinion, unless it's on how to put out a goddamn fire. He's part of the show that the Republicans have planned, just like having the New Haven firefighters in uniform seated behind Sotomayor yesterday. Pure bullshit intimidation.

Ya gotta love that Ricci got his job by suing under the Americans With Disabilities Act because he's dyslexic, thus blocking a non-dyslexic from getting being a firefighter. Maybe he got it backwards and thought he was black, and that's why he sued again for promotion.

5. But Sotomayor, who, let's face it, is not a liberal, will kick Senators in the ballsack. Here's what she just said to Tom Coburn when he pushed her to take a stand on the right to bear arms: "Would you want a judge who said I agree with you, this is unconstitutional — before I had a case before me, before I had both sides discussing a case before me, and before I spent the time that the Supreme Court spent on the Heller decision?" and added, "I don't know that that's a justice that I can be."

This may actually end tomorrow.